Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Teach Me Tuesday: How to Alter a Sewing Pattern: Shoulders

So its Teach Me Tuesday on a Wednesday here at the Virtuous Designer.  I had a series of attempts on what to share yesterday with you all and settled with a quick video tutorial on how to select your proper sewing pattern size.  I was quite excited about posting it!  

Then I went to post it on the blog only to find out that there is a size max on video footage.  The video was too long..... Bummer....  However, I was not discouraged I thought about trying to trim it down, only to find out that I really needed all 6 minutes of the footage that I had.  

Then I realized I could upload my video to YouTube and upload the video to the blog that way.  But I'm not quite sure what happened but YouTube posted that it would take about an hour to upload a 6 minute video!  I was like what.....!?  Facebook is faster than that.  I'm not even sure if I did it right.  What I did realize is that I need some lessons from a tech savvy professional or not so professional on how to navigate in the world of video tutorials.  So if you or anyone you know is down to give a sister some lessons I am so willing to learn.

None the less.  This morning I woke up still determined to figure out how to post this video or possibly re-video taping it in two shorter sessions.  Feeling hopeful with a twinge of inadequacy I decided to work on something I know I can do decently well and that is sew!! I pulled out a pattern I have been working on for Sunday's Best and the lightbulb went off!  

As I was doing some research on how to make a shoulder adjustment I came across a great article on Nancy Zieman's blog with step by step instructions on how to make adjustments to the shoulders of a sewing pattern. My classic pear shape means that I come with narrower shoulders than most commercial sewing patterns.  

So here I am working out the step by step instructions and the solution to my blog dilemma was solved along with an aha! moment. 

My intention for this blog has been about documenting and sharing what I have learned on my own sewing journey.  Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself to deliver that I forget that I don't have to write every single tutorial. 

Hence the conclusion of the Teach Me Tuesday on a Wednesday dilemma is to share with you what I leaned today and the link to the tutorial on Nancy Zieman's blog.  If you've never heard of her she is a sewing teacher legend.  She has published a lot of sewing books and has had her own sewing show on PBS for a long time. She's well respected in the sewing community and has very sound teaching.  I hope it teaches you as much as it has taught me this week.

Here's the link and as always comments, questions and prayers are always welcome!

Be Blessed!