Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday's Best: Week 5

 "......except Caleb son of Jephunneh. He will see it, and I will give him and his descendants the land he set his feet on, because he followed the Lord wholeheartedly.” Deuteronomy 1:36

I am completely overjoyed over this week's garment.  Using the same purple dress pattern I made a crop top and pencil skirt set.  It is a personal testimony of what perseverance and self-discipline will yield.  I mentioned last week that I have been sewing with knit fabrics at the studio and I can't begin to explain to you the things that I conquered. 

Sewing with knit fabric isn't hard but finishing your garments can be tricky especially if you want your garments to look professionally made.  I am especially proud of the top that I made to go with this skirt. I altered the bodice pattern in order to add a yoke using some left over stretch vegan leather fabric. I also opted to not finish the neckline with a raised neckband collar in favor of finishing the neckline in the same black fabric.

This is the first time that I allowed myself to experiment with altering the style of an existing pattern and although I have used a band or bias tape to finish a neckline before I used a different technique that allowed me to use my serger to finish the edges.  Even the inside of the neck area looks clean and professionally finished.

For a long time I struggled to believe that I could excel at sewing. That the passion and love for the craft didn't match my ability.  However, what I am learning is that while some gifts that we have come naturally, others have to be developed.  This requires a level patience, self-discipline and a willingness to persevere.  This week's photo shoot is an example of perseverance.  

Every week I wonder where am I going to take my photo's for this post and between making the garment, other business and family responsibilities it always ends up being where I feel the most comfortable.  In my home.  However, the lighting  inside of our house sucks and I had no other choice than to go outside. As you can see from my face in this picture I was cold.  I don't know how models do it.

Truly though, I am a city girl with country girl tendencies.  I love nature and feel most comfortable when I am surrounded by it.

I am overjoyed not only because of my dressmaking triumphs but as I am writing this post I am being reminded of the many other areas of my life where I exercised self-discipline and persevered.  That's one of the things that I am coming to enjoy about Sunday's Best is that it has been giving me the opportunity to reflect on my week and share it with others.

In closing, I want to thank my lovely daughter Asabea for graciously agreeing to be my photographer again this week.  I also want wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! I pray that you all eat a lot and have loving people to share it with!  Be Blessed! xoxo