Wednesday, November 25, 2015

6 Holiday Sewing Crafts for Kids (Round-Up)

Hello Readers!

The Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us and this week I wanted to share simple hand sewing or no sew holiday crafts that children and/or families could do together.  Being a single parent I know that children can sometimes get bored when they are off from school for the holiday break.  And between spending for the Thanksgiving feast and the upcoming Christmas season budgets can be tight.

I did a search of various craft and sewing blog sites and rounded up a series of inexpensive activities that even your 3 year old could do with a little help of course! These are mostly winter or Christmas themed activities but can easily be adapted to any holiday you are celebrating.

I love this leaf garland made with felt and yarn from the blog "A Beautiful Mess"  I know that fall is pretty much over but you could easily Change out the leaves for snow flakes, angels, or christmas trees even hearts for Valentine's Day would be cute.


The sewing teacher in me absolutely loves these sewing cards.  There is no tutorial with this site but if you scroll down below you'll see a very similar project posted in Parents Magazine with instructions.  This project is an easy way to introduce very young children to sewing while working on developing their fine motor skills.  These could easily be turned into Christmas tree ornaments or if you use a larger sheet of paper it could be a holiday card or thank you card.  This is the one I think I am going to choose to do with my children.

What holiday sewing craft round up would be complete without the famous no sew fleece project.  No sew has taken American crafting by storm.  From scarves, to blankets and now we have the heart pillow.  Seriously though....  I think this is a great and inexpensive way to spend time to together as a family.  You could even have a conversation with your kids about being thankful or about love and how we express love or receive love as it relates other people in our lives.

This is similar to the snowflake sewing cards.  This post actually has instructions on how to do the craft.  I love the idea of taking simple shapes and turning them into handmade ornaments.  You could even turn it into a learning lesson for your pre-schooler. I also think that as simple as it is its still something that I think older children and adults can enjoy as well.

I have had this project on my Pinterest board for quite sometime and stumbled upon it while I was preparing this post.  This is another no sew option and another tree ornament using yarn and cardboard.  I like the idea of making the star bigger and turning it into a window or door ornament.

Last but not least.  I couldn't pass up the sock snowman.  Isn't she cute!  Easy project using left over socks.  Some simple hand sewing is involved but the rest is hot glue.  I've seen the "Olof" version of this on pinterest and I was sooooo tempted to please the "Frozen" fans out there but in the end her pink hat and rosy cheeks stole my heart!!

And that's it! I hope that you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that these crafts help to get you in the mood for the upcoming Christmas season!!!! Be blessed!