Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday's Best: Week 6

"but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength......."
                                                                                     Isaiah 40:31

Hola Readers!

I am enjoying a much needed rest in the Wisconsin Dells this Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

I hope that you all are enjoying your Turkey Day weekend festivities.   The temptation to not post this week was heavy on me.  Especially since my kids were off of school beginning on Wednesday and we were leaving for our mini-vacation weekend Friday afternoon. But i'm so glad that my desire to write outweighed my temptation to bail. 

Its very pretty and peaceful in the Wisconsin Dells this time of year.  Its also cold!  Walking to the resort indoor waterpark pool in a swimsuit, cover-up and flip flops has been a chilly trip.  But the heated salt water wave pool, family time and good food has been giving me a warming feeling inside.

Besides cold weather isn't all that bad if your properly dressed so I decided to take myself back to my crochet roots and work up a sweater for this week's challenge.  I started Virtuous By Design crocheting hats and scarves back in 2013.  It wasn't until last spring when I applied for a business loan to purchase sewing equipment that I began to focus growing the sewing side of my business.  So I thought the short week and cold weather was a great excuse to crochet.

This weeks garment is what I call my sport poncho.  Its like a hybrid between a sweater and a poncho.  It's crop length is not quite long enough to call a poncho and its extra wide, 3/4 length sleeves doesn't fully qualify it to be called a sweater in my opinion.  I like it because its a nice layering piece that keeps you warm but the extra wide sleeves gives your arms ease of movement.  I find that it looks best with a long sleeve henley t-shirt or a crisp button down shirt underneath as I have pictured looks good too.

I used basic crochet stitches to come up with a simple stitch pattern that would make a fabric that was both warm and sturdy but also fluid enough that the big dramatic sleeves would drape nicely.  In the end I was quite happy with the result. Here's a nice shot of the back.  You can see the sleeve detail a bit better.  

I originally wanted to wear this sweater on the return trip but forgot to pack it.  What I didn't forget to do was keep warm and have plenty of fun with my family!

In closing,  this weekend's getaway was a much needed act of rejuvenation and  i'm rebooted and ready sew through the coming Christmas Holiday Season!  Be Blessed!